Summary statement on Board resolution

The Board of Governors of the Colorado State University System is still considering its options regarding the future of the Hughes property, and has made no decision pending consideration of an anticipated offer from the City of Fort Collins. To ensure the proposed plans for the property are not further delayed should an agreement not be reached with the City, the Board today reiterated its intent to move forward with the SPAR process – to which the CSU System is legally entitled – that it initiated with the city in 2020. The Board also publicly noted its opposition to the City’s rezoning of the Hughes property as Public Open Space. While this action was required by the citizen-initiated ordinance, the City’s action denies the Board, as a landowner, the economically viable use of the property and diminishes its fair market value. The Board reiterated that it reserves any and all authority under state law to manage its state-owned property on behalf of the taxpayers of Colorado.

Read the resolution.

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