New System logo reflects strength of campus connectivity

The Colorado State University System unveiled a new logo that visually represents the distinct brand of each of its three campuses, and showcases the strength of the campuses being part of the same university system.

CSU System comprises three distinct universities, which are complementary to one another: CSU, a leading public research university and the state’s only land-grant institution, located in Fort Collins; CSU Pueblo, a regional campus and federally designated Hispanic-Serving Institution; and CSU Global, the nation’s first fully accredited, fully online public university. The System also includes the Denver-based Spur campus at the new National Western Center, slated to open in 2022.

“The power of the CSU System comes from each of its campuses — each campus is strong and unique individually, but we are stronger together and better positioned to fully meet the needs of Colorado,” said Dr. Tony Frank, chancellor of the CSU System.

The new CSU System logo incorporates one color from each of the System’s campuses — gold from CSU; blue from CSU Pueblo; and maroon from CSU Global — representing the uniqueness of each campus and the strength of their connection. The System also launched its redesigned website,, which more clearly showcases the work and impact of campuses, initiatives of the System, and efforts of the Board of Governors.

The System office in Denver is home to the Office of the Chancellor and the Board of Governors, which is appointed by the Governor of Colorado to serve and oversee the campuses.

Being part of the same System allows for the campuses to have an executive leadership team working at a cohesive state level for all the campuses, to build off one another’s strengths, and to more effectively address policy and financial needs within higher education. The System office focuses on policy and relationships with the state legislature and federal Congressional delegation to support the campuses within the System and provides administrative leadership and coordination among the three campuses.

Until July 2019, Dr. Frank served in a dual role of President of the CSU main campus in Fort Collins and Chancellor of the CSU System. Growth of the campuses and System warranted Dr. Frank to step away from the Fort Collins campus and become Chancellor in a full-time capacity in July 2019.

The CSU System developed the new logo and the new website with the use of internal staff, rather than contracting an outside agency.

“A new logo and website aren’t exactly earth-shaking news, but we sincerely want to reflect the strong spirit of professionalism and collaboration that draw our System campuses and people together,” Frank said. “That’s important. We serve the state and impact the world through education, research, and engagement – and we do that through the united efforts of a set of distinct and important universities that are economically and academically critical to Colorado. That’s a source of pride for us, and this new look reflects that.”

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