Giving to the University

The Colorado State University System is uniquely qualified to be in the ranks of premier public higher education systems in the nation. In 2010, the Board of Governors adopted a five-year strategic plan Our Commitment to Building a Stronger Colorado.

As a major economic engine in Colorado, the CSU System is focused on growing the state's economy. We plan to achieve this through our new strategic plan — Our Commitment to Building a Stronger Colorado.

The plan has four initiatives that build on efforts already underway at the campuses (Fort Collins, Pueblo, and Global). It is also designed to harness our strengths across campuses with an eye toward benefiting Colorado. Furthermore, it commits to a collaborative effort to find a sustainable funding source for Colorado's public higher education system.

Please go to this link to review the goals of Our Commitment to Building a Stronger Colorado.

Achieving the goals will require us to look for efficiencies and seek new investments outside of tuition to build the best educational experience for our students and faculty. The budget of the state of Colorado can only fund a portion of the initiatives the universities need to implement to stay competitive. Gifts from alumni, friends and private supporters are essential to the success of the universities and how they are able to give back to the communities of Colorado.

Learn about the many ways you can support the universities of the Colorado State University System.